George Floyd killing: Fresh protests as Trump threatens to call in US military

Donald Trump has said he is willing to use the military if state leaders don't get "tougher" on anti-police brutality protests. Renewed unrest across the US has prompted multiple cities to introduce curfews.

Dozens of cities across the US, including Minneapolis, Atlanta and Washington, DC, saw further protests on Saturday night over the killing of George Floyd while in police custody.
Atlanta, Philadelphia and Los Angeles were among the cities to introduce curfews for residents from 8 p. m. on Saturday night.
Police charged protesters who broke curfew in Minneapolis. At least 13 officers in Philadelphia were injured when peaceful protests turned violent, and police in several cities used tear gas in attempts to quell protests.
At a protest in Tallahassee, Florida, a suspect drove a pickup truck through a crowd of protesters gathered at an intersection, hitting some of them. The driver was later arrested and no one was seriously injured, local officials said.

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