CORONAVIRUS: Zero Active Cases of COVID-19 in Tanzania.

Minister of Health Ummy Mwalimu declared this in her Twitter page that:
"Today, I visited Mkonze Health Centre which has been designated as an Isolation Centre for COVID-19 patients in Dodoma. Happy to inform that no COVID19 patient for more than a week. Todate Dodoma & 15 other regions in Tanzania have 0 active cases of #COVID19! #TokomezaCoronaTZA"
Minister of Health Ummy Mwalimu
Now Tanzania is free from Covid-19, This is now proven scientifically not politically.

TANZANIA is having a lot of tourism activities and sites where ones may visit and enjoy at very reasonable cost. So you are encouraged to visit Tanzania as it is the safe place to stay and enjoying while waiting things to settle in your homes.

Investors are also encouraged because in Tanzania there is a lot of green pastures you are looking for.

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