Police Tanzania in Morogoro recover churches’ stolen properties

POLICE in Morogoro have recovered part of Catholic and Tanzania Assemblies of God churches’ properties, which were stolen early last month.
Regional Police Commander Wilbroad Mutafungwa announced to have recovered some of the stolen items from the two churches.
On May 4 this year, burglars stormed the Catholic Church in Modeko area and went away with assorted items including two ciboria—a covered container used to store the consecrated hosts of the sacrament of Holy Communion.
On May 5, robbers also stole items at the TAG church located in Mwembesongo ward, Morogoro Municipality.
RPC Mutafungwa said that police were still looking for the remaining items including tabernacle—a place of the church that holds the ciborium containing the Eucharist.
When contacted, Catholic Church, Morogoro Diocese’s administrator, Msimbe Lazarus praised the Tanzania Police force for recovering some of the stolen items.
He said the church trusts police operation that lead to the seizure of two ciboria worth 600,000/-.
“As the church, we condemn crimes because it’s against the church sacrilege, that’s why we suspended spiritual services at Modeko church,” he said.
For his part, TAG's spokesman Pastor Yona David Mganga said they trust the police force due to the cooperative shown to the church since the crime was committed.
“When we informed them, police including RPC Mutafungwa arrived at the scene of the incident and they took finger prints, to me this is commendable,” he said, revealing the robbers also went away with 4m/-, which was in the office.
“As church, we’ve taken immediate steps against staff member who left 4m/- in the office instead of depositing it into our bank account. It is mandatory for them to deposit the money into the bank account soon after the mass, to curb such kinds of crimes,” Mganga said.

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