India approves emergency use of remdesivir drug: Live updates

  • India's government has approved antiviral drug remdesivir for emergency use in treating COVID-19 patients. Remdesivir is the first drug to show improvement in COVID-19 patients in formal clinical trials. 
  • Africa's coronavirus cases have surpassed 150,000 while more than 4,300 deaths have been confirmed across the continent.
  • Throughout January, the WHO publicly praised China for its response, but behind the scenes, there was growing frustration over not getting the information to fight the virus.
  • More than 6.27 million coronavirus cases have been confirmed around the world, according to data from Johns Hopkins University. More than 375,500 people have died, including more than 105,000 in the US. At least 2.7 million have recovered from the disease.
Here are the latest updates:

Tuesday, June 2

13:46 GMT - UN chief says 'race against time' in war, virus-hit Yemen     

Aid workers face a "race against time" to prevent catastrophe in Yemen, a country ravaged by war and a fast-spreading novel coronavirus outbreak, UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres warned.
"We are in a race against time. Tackling COVID-19 on top of the existing humanitarian emergency requires urgent action," Guterres said at a virtual donor conference hosted by Saudi Arabia.
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12:55 GMT - Virus, protests lay bare 'endemic racial discrimination' in US: UN rights chief
The United Nations rights chief has said the coronavirus pandemic's disproportionate effect on ethnic minorities in the United States and the protests triggered by George Floyd's death were exposing "endemic inequalities" that must be addressed. 

"This virus is exposing endemic inequalities that have too long been ignored," Michelle Bachelet said in a statement. 

She added that: "In the United States, protests triggered by the killing of George Floyd are highlighting not only police violence against people of colour, but also inequalities in health, education, employment and endemic racial discrimination."
We all have a responsibility to . or not, I call on everyone to take a stand, speak up and put an end to racism wherever present.
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12:30 GMT - Zimbabwe tightens coronavirus lockdown in capital Harare

Zimbabwean troops and police have tightened the coronavirus lockdown in the capital Harare, blocking many cars and buses from entering the central business district as cases of infections increased.
But the main opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) said President Emmerson Mnangagwa's government was trying to suppress protests over a worsening economy and to stop MDC supporters from gathering at the courts where the lawyer for its leader was due to appear after being arrested on Monday.
Coronavirus infections have more than tripled to 203 in the last few days. Mnangagwa had eased the lockdown since it was first imposed at the end of March.

12:00 GMT - Cases surpass 35,000 in South Africa, most around Cape Town

South Africa's total confirmed coronavirus cases have jumped to more than 35,000 while the province anchored by Cape Town remains a worrying hot spot with more than 23,000.
The country has the most confirmed virus cases of any nation in Africa. 

11:45 GMT - Germany wants to swap EU travel warning for softer guidelines

Foreign Minister Heiko Maas has said the German cabinet will discuss a resolution on downgrading the travel warnings currently in force for European Union countries and several other associated countries into softer guidelines.
"We are preparing a resolution for the cabinet tomorrow, which is still being agreed within the government," Maas told reporters at a news conference with his Ukrainian counterpart on Tuesday.
"This week we want to start by turning the travel warning we have for the European Union and the associated countries into travel guidelines," he added.

11:30 GMT - India approves emergency use of remdesivir to treat COVID-19 patients

India's government said it has approved Gilead Sciences Inc's antiviral drug remdesivir for emergency use for five doses in treating COVID-19 patients.

Remdesivir, which is administered intravenously in hospital, is the first drug to show improvement in COVID-19 patients in formal clinical trials and is at the forefront of the battle against COVID-19, which has no approved treatment or vaccine.

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